Dementia & Mental Health Specialty Training

Dementia & Mental Health Specialty Training can only be taught in a live classroom, NOT online.  This training can be used to fulfill the 'Population Specific' requirement of the 75 hours of training required to become licensed as a Home Care Aide (HCA) in Washington State.  If you work in an assisted living community or an adult family home you will most likely require this training.  Click HERE for WAC 388-122-0165.

NOTE:  If you plan to take your HCA training with Cornerstone and wish to use Specialty Training to fulfill the Population Specific component you should purchase the following courses:

$20 - Orientation & Safety Training

$85 - Dementia Specialty Training

$85 - Mental Health Specialty Training

$275 - Core Basic Bundle


We ONLY teach Specialty Training in Lynnwood, Wenatchee and Yakima on a rotating basis.  If we do not serve your region click HERE for a link to look up local trainers by zip code.  HCA Students:  We can accept certificates from other trainers to be credited to your Population Specific hours. You do not have to take the training through us.

Pre-payment is Required in order to reserve a seat unless you are an employer with an established billing account. Cancellations given with more than 24 hours notice will be entitled to a full refund of fee(s) paid less a $15 processing fee. Cancellations given with less than 24 hours notice or 'no shows' will be entitled to a refund of fee(s) paid less a $35 fee.

Manager's or Caregiver's?  We are now teaching the new DSHS approved Level 1 Capable Caregiver curriculum for both Dementia and Mental Health Specialty Training.  The testing and certificates issued for this class are valid for both Caregivers and Managers with NO additional testing required.  

You can purchase these courses by clicking the 'Buy Now' button above and using PayPal.  Please note you do not need to have a PayPal account, you will have the option to pay by credit/debit without creating a PayPal account.  Alternatively, you may also purchase these courses through our LMS (learning management system) within your online account (DigitalChalk). The courses in the Catalog are IL1 and IL2.

You will receive a confirmation email from the main office with 24-48 hours of purchase confirming your purchase and your date and location selection.  We will provide you with the class location and time as well as send you an email reminder one week prior to the class date.  Dementia and Mental Health classes are always 8am to 4:30pm.  

Last Minute Registrations:  If you are hoping to attend a Specialty class that is happening within the next 24 hours please text the on-call Instructor at 206-673-2919. He/she can let you know if there is space availability and provide you with the class address, etc.  

Specialty Training

Dementia Specialty Training
Date/Location Preferred

DEMENTIA:  8am to 4:30pm
Lynnwood - January 27th (SAT), February 24th (SAT), March 24th (SAT)
Wenatchee - January 15th (MON), March 12th (MON)
Yakima - February 19th (MON)

MENTAL HEALTH:  8am to 4:30pm

Lynnwood - January 29th (MON), February 25th (SUN), March 25th (SUN)
Wenatchee - January 16th (TUES), March 12th (TUES)
Yakima - February 20th (TUES)

Punctuality is very important.  It is disruptive to the class and the Instructor when you arrive late.  Please plan to arrive to class early so that you can help yourself to complimentary coffee and be settled and ready to learn.  

It is at the Instructor's discretion whether or not to admit students arriving more than 15 minutes late! 
Pre-payment required unless under a billing account.  You may pay securely using the PayPal buttons below.  You may also purchase through the Catalog tab under IL1 or IL2 or call the office with a credit/debit card.

Mental Health Specialty Training
Date/Location Preferred