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Employers:  Using the online registration form below is our preferred method of registering employees for customers who are under billing accounts.  You can also download this PDF form HERE and fax it to us at (206) 673-2919 or email to chtcompany@gmail.com.  

Registration Procedure:  

1.  Submit the form below which goes directly to our office.

2.  If request is received prior to 5pm PST (M-F) the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the same day.

3.  If request is received after 5pm PST (M-F) or over the weekend  the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the next business day.

4.  If the request is urgent please text us at (206) 673-2919 and the on-call Instructor can process your registration request ASAP.

5.  Your employee can begin their class as soon as they receive their login email.  

We sincerely ask you to double-check or test the accuracy of the employee's email address before sending it to us

Billing Policy:  We will bill (Due Net 30) organizations with more than 25+ employees.  Please contact billing@cornerstonehcc.com to request a billing account.  Organizations with less than 25 employees will need to pay upfront by credit card for employee training. Registration requests for established billing accounts will be billed upon registration, NOT completion.  The exception to this is ILT (Instructor Led Training) such as Skills Labs and Specialty Training.  These courses will be billed upon the student's physical attendance in the class.  Organizations that do not pay their invoices within 60 days are subject to suspension.

No Show Policy:  Students who no call/no show or cancel within 24 hours of an ILT (Instructor Led Training) class such as Skills Labs or Specialty Training are subject to a $35 fee.  Space is limited in these classes and there is an extraordinary amount of effort, expense and coordination that goes into offering these classes at 7 locations across the State.  When students fail to show up or cancel with short notice it denies a seat to another student.  If a student has been registered under a billing account, this fee will be billed to the employer. Cornerstone does not bill individual students unless they are self-paying through the Catalog.  

Credit/Refund Policy:  If an employee quits or is terminated please contact us ASAP so we may suspend access to their account.  It is the employer's responsibility to notify Cornerstone of terminated employees.  If you do not notify us and your employee attends one of our ILT classes that are billed upon attendance, you will be responsible for payment.  

1.  If we are notified within 30 days of the registration date and the employee has not begun their course(s) we can offer a full credit or refund. Note:  Employers are given 3 full refund/credits per month for cancelled training meeting the conditions noted above.  Any additional cancellations within that same month will be subject to a $15 processing fee.

2.  If we are notified outside of the 30 days and/or the employee has begun their course(s) we can offer the following credit or refund:

  • If the student completes up to 10% of training  - The school will retain 10% of tuition cost
  • If the student completes between 11% and 25% of training - The school will retain 25% of tuition cost
  • If the student completes between 26% and 50% of training - The school will retain 50% of tuition cost
  • If the student completes more than 50% of training - The school will retain 100% of tuition cost

          Note:  Our LMS system automatically tracks each student's percentage of completion.

No REFUNDS or CREDITS available 120 days past the registration date.

3.  Our vocational school licensing is governed by the WorkForce Board of Washington which was established to protect students in Washington from unethical vocational schools.  Be advised that we must maintain transparency and will share what fees we have been paid toward's a student's training when requested, even when those fees were paid by their employer.  

If you have any questions at all about these policies please email us at:  billing@cornerstonehcc.com

Employee Registration Request Form