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Thursday, September 13th - 1pm
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Employers:  Please use the registration form below to request training classes for your employees.  Due to the large volume of students we manage we can no longer take registration requests over the phone.  If you prefer, you can download a hard copy of this form HERE and return to us via fax or email.  Thank you!   

Registration Procedure:  

1.  Submit the form below which goes directly to our office.

2.  If request is received prior to 5pm PST (M-F) the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the same day.

3.  If request is received after 5pm PST (M-F) or over the weekend  the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the next business day.

4.  If the request is urgent please text us at (206) 673-2919 and the on-call Instructor can process your registration request ASAP.

We sincerely ask you to double-check or test the accuracy of the employee's email address before sending it to us

Billing Policy:  We will bill (Due Net 30) organizations with more than 25+ employees.  Please contact chtcompany@gmail.com to request a billing account.  Organizations with less than 25 employees will need to pay upfront by credit card for employee training. Registration requests for established billing accounts will be billed in full upon registration, NOT completion.  The exception to this policy is for Dementia & Mental Health Specialty Training.  These courses will be billed upon the student's physical attendance in the class. Organizations that do not pay their invoices within 60 days are subject to suspension.

Refund requests made within 30 days of registration:

1.  If a student has not yet started an online course or attended any live sessions in the Virtual Classroom, a full refund minus a $3 administrative fee per separate module will be given.

2.  Online courses - if a student has started the online course, but not completed it, a 50% credit or refund will be issued.

3.  Virtual Classroom (ElectaLive) classes

a) There will be no refund for any virtual classroom modules attended partially or in full.

b) Any modules within a course that have not been attended will be credited in full minus a $3 administrative fee per module

Refund requests made greater than 30 days past registration date:

1.  No refunds will be given after 30 days from the registration date.

Please note:

1.  Courses are not transferable.

2.  Upon request, we will disclose any fees paid to us for a student's training, even when those fees were paid by an employer.  This is required in order to maintain the transparency required by the WorkForce Board of Washington and to retain our licensure as a licensed private vocational school.

3.  Students should confirm their employer's policy as it relates to tuition payments, payroll deductions for training, or reimbursement programs.  Cornerstone has no access to or knowledge of individual policies or agreements between employers and students.

4.  We cannot bill individual Core Basic modules as our small staff would not be able to manage that volume of receivables.  If you wish to purchase Core Basic one module at a time (14 modules/$15 per plus Skills Lab/$195) you will need to self-register, see instructions under the Self-Registration tab above.

No Show Policy:  When students fail to show up, or cancel with short notice for live classes, it denies a seat to students waiting on standby.  Short notice is considered with less than 24 hours notice.  Therefore the following no show/short notice cancellation fees are in force:

1.  Skills Labs - $40/day

2.  Specialty Training (Dementia or Mental Health) - $40/per class

3.  Live sessions in the Virtual Classroom - $15/per session


a) For employer paid billing accounts - these fees will be billed to the employer only.  Students should be aware that some employers will initiate payroll deductions for no-show or short cancellation fees.  You should check with your employer about their specific policy.

b) For self-pay students - these fees will be billed to that student.  All fees must be paid before the student will be allowed to reschedule the missed class.

Please make sure you understand this refund policy.  We do not make exceptions.  Please call our office at 206-673-2919 or email us at chtcompany@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Core Basic Resources for Employers:

1.  Course Map:  Employers may use this document to help plan and track your employee's Core Basic Virtual Classroom modules, etc.

2.  Attendance Roster / Skills Lab Roster:  Employers may view this document to verify their employee's attendance in their Core Basic Virtual Classroom modules as well as their Skills Labs.

3.  Virtual Classroom Basic Schedule:  Employers may refer to this document for a quick reference of what days/times we are offering the virtual classes.  The most up-to-date schedule will always be available within ElectaLive and employees need to register for their modules within ElectaLive.

Billing Account Employers Only!

Use this Form to Request Training for Staff