Enrollment Timeline Policy:  

1.  Submit the form below which goes directly to our office.

2.  If request is received prior to 5pm PST (M-F) the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the same day.

3.  If request is received after 5pm PST (M-F) or over the weekend the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the next business day.

4.  If the request is urgent and after hours please text us at (206) 673-2919 and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

​​Billing Accounts: We will bill organizations with more than 15+ employees (Due Net 30). 

Please email contact@cornerstonehealthcaretraining.com to request a billing account, call (206) 673-2919 or check the appropriate box at the bottom of the enrollment form.

Enrollment requests for billing accounts will be billed in full upon registration of the course(s), NOT completion.

Organizations that do not pay their invoices within 60 days are subject to suspension.

Refund Policy:  Please click HERE to review and print our credit/refund policy for your recordsIt is your responsibility as an employer paying for employee training to review and familiarize yourself with this policy.  Please be aware that this policy includes a 'no show' fee for Skills Labs that will be billed to the employer when an enrolled employee does not show up or cancels/reschedules within 48 hours of their scheduled Skills Lab session.  Note:  Refunds will be applied as credits on the employer's subsequent invoice unless otherwise requested.

How To Enroll Employees:

Option #1 Billing Accounts (for employers with 15+ employees):  You may fill out an enrollment request form below with all the applicable details (we must have this form on file for our records).  The office will process the registration according to the timeline stated in the enrollment policy above and established billing accounts will be invoiced bi-monthly with a Net 30.  The employee will instantly receive an email with login instructions and a password upon enrollment.  If you have requested progress reports you will be able to monitor your employee's progress via that method.

Option #2: Self-Service Registration (for employers with less than 15 employees or employers who wish to pay immediately via credit/debit card):  You may create an account for each employee within the appropriate online classroom (see homepage for links) and purchase their course(s) directly through the Catalog and pay using a credit or debit card.  The employee will automatically receive an email with login instructions and a password upon enrollment.  Be sure to enter your employee's name, not your own in the First and Last Name text fields!

Employee progress reports are not automatically available for this method of enrollment but we do have a solution that requires your diligence when enrolling the employee.  Just call the office if you'd like more information and we'll get you set up!

Employee Enrollment Request Form

Employers Only - Enrollment Request Form