Employers Only!

Use this Form to Request Training for Staff

We are recommending at this time that students do NOT use the GoLearn app which is an option with our new LMS system (Docebo).  We have discovered several technical issues with the app and are finding that students attending virtual classes on mobile devices are distracting the other users as their screens are often in motion, etc.  We are advising that students use a desktop or laptop computer to attend their e-learning and virtual sessions.  Please contact the office with any questions about device compatibility, etc.

Employers Only

Employers:  Please use the registration form below to request training classes for your employees.  Due to the large volume of students we manage we can no longer take registration requests over the phone as we must have a written request on file. 

Registration Procedure:  

1.  Submit the form below which goes directly to our office.

2.  If request is received prior to 5pm PST (M-F) the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the same day.

3.  If request is received after 5pm PST (M-F) or over the weekend  the employee will be sent an email with login instructions the next business day.

4.  If the request is urgent please text us at (206) 673-2919 and the on-call Instructor can process your registration request ASAP.

We sincerely ask you to double-check or test the accuracy of the employee's email address before sending it to us

*New Policy Effective 5-1-2019*

Billing Policy:  We will bill (Due Net 30) organizations with more than 25+ employees.  Please contact chtcompany@gmail.com to request a billing account.  Organizations with less than 25 employees will need to pay upfront by credit card for employee training. Registration requests for established billing accounts will be billed in full upon registration, NOT completion.  Organizations that do not pay their invoices within 60 days are subject to suspension.

Refund and/or Credit Policy:  

1.  If a student has NOT yet begun a course in Docebo or DigitalChalk and/or has NOT attended any live sessions in the Virtual Classroom within 30 days of registration you are entitled to a full refund/credit less a $10 administrative handling fee. 

2.  For students that have partially completed courses and/or notice of cancellation is given between 31 and 120 days of registration date you are entitled to a full refund/credit of courses/sessions NOT attended less an administrative fee of $5 per individual course module (ex. CB110, CB111, Orientation & Safety, etc.) cancelled.

3.  There will be NO refunds/credits for any course module attended partially (ex. student leaves in the middle of virtual session) or in full.  NO refunds or credits are available 120 days past the registration date.

4.  We do not charge any no show or rescheduling fees for online, self-paced or Core Basic virtual classes.  

5.  We DO charge a no show fee for the in-person Skills Labs and Dementia Level 1 & Mental Health Level 1 as we have a maximum number of students that can attend each session and a 'no show' denies a seat to another student who could have attended.  We require 48 hour advance notice of Skills Lab cancellation and 10 days advance notice for Dementia or Mental Health Level 1 (as workbooks have to be mailed out in advance of class).  Dementia Level 1 and Mental Health Level 1 virtual classes will also have a no show fee as students are taking a seat that would have been available to another student..  No show fees are $40/per day and are billed to the employer.  It is the employer's responsibility if you wish to make arrangements with your employee to cover that cost as we have no financial agreement or obligation in place with the student, nor do we bill individual students.  Individual students must always pre-pay for their training if not under an employer's account.

​​No Show Fee for Proctored Testing (Examity):  Students attending the following courses (Dementia Specialty, Mental Health Specialty, Nurse Delegation and Nurse Delegation Focus on Diabetes) will upon completion of their course self-schedule and take their final examination through a third-party exam proctor, Examity.  There is a $20 "no-show" fee and a $20 "late cancellation" fee (less than 24 hours) because a live proctor has been scheduled to meet with you at the time you scheduled and they must be paid even if you do not show up.  All extra fees for no-shows and late cancellations must be paid to Cornerstone in full prior to the release of your certificate.

Re-test Fee:  If a student fails a proctored exam and needs to re-test, they will be charged a second testing fee of $20.

6.  Courses are non-transferable.  We are required to keep detailed records on each HCA student and a clear payment history is part of that requirement.  Any cancellations must be processed according to the policy outlined above, training fees cannot be transferred to a new employee/student.

7.  Upon request, we will disclose any training fees paid to us, even when paid by a student's employer.  This is to maintain transparency required by the Workforce Board of Washington.

8.  We cannot bill individual Core Basic modules.  If you wish to purchase and pay for Core Basic modules individually you will need to use the self-purchase option within the Docebo catalog and pay by credit/debit card.  Call the office if you require assistance or instructions on how to accomplish this.

9.  Courses expire one year from the original registration date.

Please make sure you understand this refund policy.  We do not make exceptions.  Please call our office at 206-673-2919 or email us at chtcompany@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.