How To Self-Register for Classes with Cornerstone

These instructions are for students who are paying for their classes themselves by credit or debit card OR for their employers that are NOT on a Cornerstone billing account and wish to set up their employee's account themselves and pay for their classes.

 ElectaLive Classroom: (Core Basic Only)   

Click HERE for a PDF document that will explain how to register for classes in the ElectaLive classroom.

Click HERE for a Course Map document that will help you plan and schedule your Core Basic classes!

Remember that you need to take CB100, CB101 and CB102 in order.  After that you can mix and match classes as your schedule allows, you do not need to take them in order.

DigitalChalk Classroom:  (All courses except for Core Basic)

Click HERE for a PDF Info Sheet on how to Self-Register in our DigitalChalk Classroom!