Student and Employer ​​​Testimonials

Mary, I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Cornerstone.  I really appreciate how responsive you were to ALL my questions and how efficient your program is!  I passed my Prometric today and I feel like I have learned so much!  Gracias! - Imelda D, Student

Meagan, thank you for your support, My employer and I figured things out and I have my certificate in my hands. Your company wins Aces from me for knowledge, support and student success. - Karen S, Student

Thank you for taking the liberty, I appreciate it! :D 
And please pass the message on to Robin that I had a great time in her class. Thanks for everything! - Katy G, Student

Thank you very much!  This has been an excellent course, so much good information, so neccesary for my work.  It makes me want to learn more.  Thanks.- Dale H, Student

I must say Mary that Robin did a superb job today, her instructions were just like the video’s I’ve been watching and she has an excellent way of helping all who took her class come away feeling confident in sitting for the state exam.  She really likes her job and it shows.......your lucky to have her. - Les, Student

The instructors was very skilled and the session wonderful and very educative. Thank you all for being there for me. - Lemmy, Student

​I can’t believe how efficient you are!!!! Wonderful to work with you. THANKS!!!! - Ruth G, Employer

Please pass the message on to Robin that I had a great time in her class. Thanks for everything! -Katy G, Student

THANK YOU for all the support in helping me pass HCA test last week in Richland.  I don’t know if you do customer surveys, but I would love to offer feedback on the Cornerstone course….either way, thank you very much. - Kathleen P, Student

I really appreciate working with you and this company.  You have made it so easy for many of our employees to successfully become HCA certified! - Jennifer A, Employer

Mary,  May I say you guys are amazing I am so glad we are with your organization.  Other agencies have never been able to do this for us.  Thank you so much! - Julie H, Employer

What an efficient and awesome program. Cornerstone is an absolute delight. We (WA State) owe you a debt of gratitude. You made the profession a joy to enter.  Thank you! - Sinaid, Student

Robin, I just wanted to thank you for skills lab today. You were very informative, thorough, and still showed your a very caring person. This field must be your calling. I've been through several classes now in my 42 yrs (shh on age) and I have to be honest 90% of the instructors were so flat I didn't take any info in or what they said had no  common sense so even someone learning could tell they were talking wind. Anyway, I really wanted to send a email to your boss to let them know how much you were appreciated today. There's no link on the mobile website so I just sent it to you. If you could tho, forward this on so you can be properly recognised! - Becci K, Student

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at cornerstone for all your help with my HCA training. You have a very good and helpful website and I very much enjoyed the process and how simple you make it to navigate. I took my prometric state test written and skills on 4/13 and passed with very good scores! - Tracey F, Student

Thanks as always you guys make training easy! - Mari Jo O, AFH Owner

​​If no one has told you lately you guys are great!!  Kimberly G, - Employer 

Thank you so much for your hard work and the amazing job you do teaching our HCA students. We truly appreciate it! - Steven R, Employer

Hi Robin, I passed my state exam yesterday. After talking with other test takers, I think Cornerstone Health training is the best!!
Thank you!!
 Mary T, Student

We really appreciate all you do for our students and for our community. Please make sure everyone knows what a wonderful job they do and how much we appreciate their support!  Jennifer H, Employer

Robin, you truly made my day.  Thank you!  Your lessons have helped to make this learning experience  extremely beneficial and enjoyable.  Now hopefully I can deliver the same standard with the several more  papers I need to write and submit today!  Also, I just wanted to let you know that you and the whole Cornerstone 

program and  team recieved glowing reviews from many of the HCA students in the skills lab from  yesterday and today in Spokane.  Everyone has been so impressed and we've all  learned so much while doing our online studies. Thanks to you and to all of your  staff for creating such an excellent program! For example, there were a few different  situations that would come up and someone would pipe up and say, "Oh, Robin had  a great example for this!  She said..." Anyway, just thought you'd like to hear about it!  Heather P, Student

Thank you very much Robin I love all your lectures I learned a lot from the classes that I take here online.  You are the  Aretha A, Student

Thank you for all that you do and the time you spend on working with us students and answering questions  to make sure we understand everything.  Henry T, Student

It was very nice to meet you also Sonda, you were very effective in letting us do the thinking after the  teaching which will be very important during the Prometrics.  Vicky L, Student

Robin, Oh my goodness you do have such a way of encouraging!:) thank you again for taking your time to  pass on your experiences & tips.:) it's been a pleasure to get to know you a little through this course.  Kim F, Student

Hi Sonda, I want to thank you and all the personnel at Cornerstone for the wonderful job you  do.  It is the first time since I have been taking trainings that I felt confident and  happy. I wish people like you do the test that Promeric does.  There is a big  difference in good models and professionalism.  I will contact you when Promeric gives me another appointment for the test  because right know I don't know when. They told me yes for May 9  and then no,  so I'm waiting for their answer.   Thank you again, Guadalupe A, Student

I really enjoyed your lecture you explained the infection control better than some of my other class instructors  did. It helped me remember things better. Thank you  Patricia W, Student

Ok wonderful thank you so very much! I am much more at ease now. I am really amazed at how fast you guys get back  to people and it has given me the chance to completely enjoy taking these  courses with you and I will always come back here for continuing education  classes as I know that all of my needs will be taken care of in a very timely  manner and I won't have to worry about anything so thank you again for the great  experience it truly means a lot to me. Sincerely  Heather L, Student

Special thank you to the team of Cornerstone Healthcare Training, I passed my  state exam and now doing nurse delegation. Sonda you are awesome! Thanks  again!  Rechenia P, Student

We want to thank you Robin, Sonda and Mary, GUADALUPE PASSED THE WRITTEN AND THE SKILLS EXAMS!!!! God bless you ladies, thank you for your great human quality!  Gracias, gracias, gracias.  Zully V, Employer

Hallelujah!!  I passed all my tests!  Please release my Core Basic Certificate and your 75 Hour training  certificate.     I want to thank each and every one of you for your assistance through this process.  Please  know that without your constant encouragement, I don't believe I could have done this.  I honor and respect  each one of your for being there for me and all my co­testers, as it were. Without the women who were there to stop my anxiety and give me the needed pep  talk, I could never have made it through this class.    Sandy C, Student

I would like to express my thanks to all at Cornerstone Training for helping  me through this course. I enjoyed it and the skills lab. I will recommend  your facility to anyone who is wanting to take home health care training.   Peggy S, Student